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Previously known as Indonesia Cricket Foundation, Persatuan Cricket Indonesia (PCI) was established in 2000. Since then, PCI has become official representation of Indonesia in International Cricket Council (ICC) as affiliate member. PCI also represents Indonesia in ICC East Asia Pacific (ICC-EAP) region.
On 13 February 2011, Indonesia Cricket Foundation is formally and officially acknowledged as a member of KONI, hence further inaugurate Persatuan Cricket Indonesia (PCI) as the highest governance organization for cricket in Indonesia.
PCI has successfully hosted the U-15 national championship in Jakarta where it was joined by 15 participating provinces. In the same year, ICC-EAP U-15 tournament was held in Indonesia with 7 participating country members.
With the full support from KONI and the Indonesian Government through the Ministry of Youth and Sports, cricket has gained more public recognition and interest. Such growing interest and recognition is exemplified with cricket participation at the 19th PON (National Games) in 2016 and SEA Games 2017 in Malaysia. Since the introduction of T20 Internatinal Status to all members in 2018, Cricket Indonesia Women’s National Team is ranked 22nd in the world.

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