Bali Beated Jabar in T20’S

Bandung – Through extra strict struggle Jabar Woman Cricket team forced to acknowledge the toughness of Bali team in the second game of T20’s with a score of 97-127 at Persib Stadium Bandung, Friday (23/9).

Without strengthened by its flagship Adlia it seems the Jabar Woman team princess got a bit of an obstacle, especially Tazkia Hanum left leg was also experienced strained muscle. With a bit of pain, Tazkia still continued the game to support her team like Elsa Mega, Agilia Gunawan and Saskia Novita to face strong team from Bali.
However, because the Balinese team is superior, the score was far enough to make the mentality of Jabar slightly loosened and eventually lost by a score of 97-127.

The defeat of the second game still opens opportunities for the Jabar team to advance to the semifinals. With a record in the third match against Jakarta, Saturday (24/9) to reap victory.

Because the Jabar team in the first match wins with a landslide over the Central Java team with the score of 151-68. By having a 6 points they can advanced to the semifinals.

“The efforts of the team to face the Bali team was maximal, but the opponent could play more calmly. I hope when facing DKI Jakarta team will be able to achieve victory to step into the semifinals, “explained team manager of Jabar Cricket, Lutfi Rahman.