Bali Man was Unbeatable

Bandung – Performing unbeatable, Bali cricket men team led the standings in pool I by collecting the value of 18 in T20’S man number in PON XIX Jabar 2016. It happened when the Bali team won thinly against the team of Jakarta the third game with a score of 105-104 At Siliwangi Stadium, Bandung on Saturday (24/9).

The men’s Bali team that won the men’s T8’S title was not satisfied, but continued to pursue the optimal achievement in the T20’S number. It was shown in three games when defeating his opponents.

In the first game at T20’S, Wayan Budiarto and his friends defeated Banten with the score of 68-67. Roll up Central Java team with a score of 150-20. Even the Central Java team at that time felt unable to match the Bali team and resigned on the seventh over.

The third match on Saturday (24/9) Bali team did not waste their opportunity to immediately beat their toughest rivals from DKI Jakarta with a thin score 105-104. All of that is to smooth his step forward semi final. Although in calculations, Bali team have been difficult to pursue by their rivals in pool 1.

“We are grateful Bali players are able to show optimum performance in PON XIX Jabar especially in man team. It was the result of their efforts during preparation in Bali, “explained the cricket figure of Bali Soni Hawoe.

He hopes, the men’s Bali team can join the championship in T8S ‘and T20’S man. When all that happens then the success in PON XIX Jabar can be used as an asset to pursue international event later.