Bali More Unstoppable In The T20’S

Bandung – Success to win in Super 8’s Man, Bali team did not want to waste the opportunity to collect their score in the T 20’s number. Through the mastery of techniques and physical qualified Bali bend Central Java with a pretty number of 150-20.

It could not be separated by Wayan Budiarto and Gede Dharma performance. Through mastery of the technique, he was able to give spirit to all of his friends to generate points.

While Central Java team, who have not found the form of mental fighting on this game was more depressed and difficult to did the best ball. That way the Central Java team only collected 20 points.

On the other game, Jakarta won narrowly over Banten with a score of 64-60. West Java defeated East Kalimantan with a score of 136-98. Nevertheless, Kaltim player remains vibrant despite losing with favorite champion team.

Monitoring the fighting spirit of the cricket players who appear in PON XIX Jabar, Chairman of PP PCI, Azis Syamsuddin was satisfied. Because through the fierce competition that is expected to produce a reliable player who later can be expected to play internationally.

Performed in PON XIX in West Java he said, is a stepping stone to pursue international achievement. Moreover, for the national team players who has been strengthen their respective regional teams.

“All athletes who appear on PON XIX Jabar are included in PCI PP monitoring. For athletes whose achievements have increased rapidly will get the full attention to continue in national training center. Moderate athletes who experience decline can be replaced by other athletes who are able to improve their achievements.

That way, PP PCI will continue to implement a degradation promotion strategy for athletes prepared in the SEA Games Malaysia 2017 and the Asian Games in Jakarta 2018.